What We do

Burial Insurance

Final Expenses

We specialize in ensuring that all your funeral expenses are covered so that your loved ones will never have to worry about funeral costs.

Coverage Amount

We offer as much as $20,000 to help cover all of the costs associated with you funeral which includes burial and other final expenses.

No Medical Exams

Never worry about Physicals

With our plans you can be assured that you won’t be forced to ever take a medical exam no matter your age or current ailments.

Age Requirements

Currently you can be covered from 0-85 years old. As long as you fit into that age range, we can get you covered. 

How Soon Can You Get Started?

If you qualify for same day coverage, your policy starts upon payment. There are no delays, and no holding periods to worry about for those who qualify.

Cash Value

Safe and Secure

Our policies have cash value that builds over time, so you can be assured your money is secure.

We Handle All Funeral Costs & Planning

Not only are we able to handle your funeral expenses but we also connect you with resources to ensure the planning of the funeral is taken of without any major headaches.

Free Estimation

Request A Quote

Get your free no obligation quote. Remember there are no medical exams, and your coverage can begin the same day with just answering a few health questions.

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